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Reviewed in the United States on May 23, 2021
I'm super bummed to be writing this review. When I first got them the sound quality was great, the Bluetooth range was meh at 8-10 feet. The noise canceling was more from the ear bud size going 1 up so they couldn't fall out & no other sound could get in. But the pressure in my ears hurt too much so I went a size down but have continued to struggle with them falling out. One time the ear pod almost landed in the toilet when I bent forward to flush. That was nerve wracking!
And I've ALWAYS had an issue with earbuds staying in my ears. That's why I have always used the over the ear style but I really wanted something small and Bluetooth. Oh well.
So it has been 3 months, almost 4 since I got them for my birthday. I've used them for virtual doctor appointments & in the car so I've used them probably about 20 times. They are already at the point of the Bluetooth range being a couple feet, the sound quality has gone way down I have to turn my volume up all the way and I have REALLY GOOD hearing & when I use them the person on the other side of the call says I sound really far away. And I've been really trying to make sure they are fully charged to make an accurate assessment.
So I'm sad to say these are going in the trash.
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