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Reviewed in the United States on January 6, 2022
Bought two as Xmas gifts for two kids . Within first week of use BOTH tablets experienced the following repeatedly: preinstalled games freezing, music from apps gets stuck and plays after apps are closed out, and blank screen with loud static. Power down and back on was the only way to “fix” those issues each time. Tried to replace these and after having to chat with customer service was about to finalize when they told me to return without the cables and/or CASE. This is a flag! Cases came as part of these tablets when we bought them in NEW condition. I asked if we were getting new replacements or refurbished and was told it could be either. Turns out the generous extended 90-day holiday return window has limits- after the first 30 days they no longer have to replace with new devices (even if that’s what we paid for) and they can send a refurbished device instead- hence why we’d remove and keep the cases. Forget getting what you paid for! Gonna return and if still want them rebuy new (best buy sells these too). I have nothing against refurbs if I had paid a lesser price and intentionally picked to have a refurbished device, but we bought and paid the price for two new kindles, sending refurbished devices in place of new is flat out b.s.
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