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Reviewed in the United States on February 9, 2021
Its Kind of a Funny Story has some wonderful actors and despite having some typical elements of boy and girl rom-com cheese, this movie errs on the side of deep seated sorrow. The main character is a young teen who, having some depression and suicidal dreams, decides to check himself into the hospital, basically insisting he be admitted. Having worked in these types of facilities, all the situations involving this hospital were totally unrealistic, but I was willing to watch for the sake of movieland dramatization despite these fallacies. This teenage boy was not a typical kid, he was gifted with the knack of seeing just what made people tick, including his roommate who never left his bed. It was sweet to see him learn about himself in the middle of his hospitalization going from depressed and stressed (as a teen sounds so difficult) to hopeful and inspired. The art in this movie is excellent! That was honestly my favorite part of the film! How the director was able to stitch the art into the film and keep that as the string that ties the whole story together is beautiful. It was a great movie. In the end, I felt happy with a hint of sadness, but I guess that's just how life can feel sometimes.
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