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Reviewed in the United States on February 1, 2018
Super great deal, that's too good to be true. I was really excited to get 10 replacement outlets for just $1+ a piece. The installation went super smooth. They even have quick connections in the back that make installing them a breeze. The issue I had was trying to get anything with a 3 prong to plug in smoothly. If you're using these for any basic plug with 2 prongs, they are wonderful. They snap in and really hold onto the plug, snugly. When trying to plug in any device with 3 prongs (plug with ground), it's nearly impossible. I have to push with all my strength and wiggle every which angle, just to get it plugged in. So I won't be using these in locations where I'll be plugging anything heavy duty in. Definitely a disappointment but great for other locations, none the less.
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