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Reviewed in the United States on July 16, 2020
Tozo makes great earbuds, I previously owned T6s and loved them the T12 are my second set of Tozo. I am disappointed in the T12. I am on my second set of T12's after exchanging the first set because they were on the fritz. I had hoped that this was a "one off" but nope same problems with the new set.
Specifically the LEFT side automatically reduces volume (cannot be stopped except by replacing in charging case) and will also power itself "off". This second pair were 3 minutes out of the box and this began! are notably bigger than the T6 and dont remain in my ear as well and so are prone to falling out. Additionally the touch sensors are SO sensitive I cannot wear a "beanie" or "watch cap" style hat or even pull up my hood while using these as it makes the sensors go through literally all functions (volume up, volume down, skip fwd/rev, power on/off, google assistant etc). Even my hair falling across, but not contacting them, will trigger this. They're considerably bigger than T6 and so are prone to falling out so a hat is a must for a runner.
On the plus side, sound quality is fantastic, battery life superior (around your 6hrs per side at loud volume) and water resistance is as stated (tested when one fell into a puddle, survived submersion perfectly)!
I'm dumping these T12 but NOT Tozo, going back to T6's!
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