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Reviewed in the United States on June 9, 2021
I upgraded my preschoolers Fire 7 to this new version because she was continually bumping up against the storage limit on the old one. She's young so she doesn't understand that she can't download every single app that looks neat. In fact at this point she doesn't even understand she's downloading it. She just knows she's playing it. So her storage gets full and her tablet starts acting glitchy because it's low on storage and she gets super frustrated. I can control how much time she spends on the tablet in Parental Controls, but I can't do anything to limit how much storage she uses. This one tablet has more storage than her old one, but I still have to go through and delete stuff eventually. I bought I giant SD card thinking that would help solve the problem only to find you can't move content from FreeTime (AKA Amazon Kids+) to the SD card, so that's useless. So a couple of hundred dollars later we're right back where we were with the old tablet--anger, frustration, confusion at a tablet that isn't working for her. More thought and research needs to go into the platform and Fire Tablets for kids. The idea is so great, but the execution is terrible. After the free year of Kids+/Free Time Unlimited is up I don't think we are going to continue the subscription. I think it's better to just buy a tablet and the handful of games you want to let your kid play. Or just give them an old phone with the games and shows you want them to have access on it already downloaded. I regret purchasing the Fire 10 Kids tablet. They are fine for older kids, but not a good idea for the little ones.
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