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Reviewed in the United States on September 29, 2020
I have a few of these strewn about the house controlling lamps. I had previously set these up using my iPhone XS Max on iOS 13 with no issues. Setup was a breeze - approx. 5 mins per plug.

I recently purchased 4 more smart plugs and attempted to setup. However, not a single smart plug will get past the setup screen where you connect to the individual device’s WiFi to connect it to your home WiFi. I found this odd and contacted TP-Link Kasa support to report the issue. They had me reset my home WiFi router, the modem, delete the app, reinstall the app, all to no avail. I told them the only thing that’s changed on my phone is now I’m using iOS 14.0.1. They said that’s not an issue.

Well I’ve confirmed that is the issue. I happen to have a separate iPhone for work that still has iOS 13 - guess what... I was able to add the the smart plugs easily on iOS 13.

Please fix this issue TP-Link. I really like your products, but the lack of debugging and care related to this issue is concerning. Because of these reasons, I’ve given the product 1/5 stars. Otherwise, once you get the devices setup, they work like a charm and would easily give them 5/5 stars if they fix the issue.

TL;dr - smart plugs won’t setup using an iPhone XS Max on iOS 14.0.1 but will successfully setup on an iPhone XS Max using iOS 13. TP-link support has not acknowledged issue.
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