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Reviewed in the United States on November 13, 2020
I'm and audiophile on a budget. I have some over ear JBL noise canceling headphones I use for 'serious' listening but for working out or portability I've been using a $30 pair of earbuds that I chose after listening to 5 of the top rated under $40 earbuds. With COVID I started working out more at my house in the garage and wanted better sound quality. You shouldn't pay more than $55.99 for these not because they are worth more but because there are coupons floating around to give you 20% off or 10% off additional on top of Amazon coupon.

After listening and comparing to other earbuds in the $75-$125 range, nothing beats the sounds quality, comfort, and functionality. No they aren't as good as Apple Air Pods which many like to compare everything to (or Beats), but they are surprisingly close in sound quality at less than half the price! Good balanced bass. My only criticism is you can't adjust volume with headphone control and the highs are a bit 'bright' -- which is easily fixed if your player has an eq (drop around the 4 Khz frequency down -3 to -6 dB.

I also love how they turn on/off automatically from detecting when they are inserted in your ears. I'm adding these to my all-time best deal Amazon past purchases list.
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