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Reviewed in the United States on July 2, 2019
I bought this thing to be able to have hands free in the kitchen while doing various kitchen chores. The assembly is a breeze - but that's about where the 'good' stops.

1) Not very sturdy. Wobbly even on a level floor. My 1 year old was rocking this thing back and forth before she could even walk very well.

2) Not heavy enough. Kind of ties into sturdiness, but this thing is just far too light for its intended purpose. Kid can rock this thing back and forth, and potentially tip it completely over.

3) THE ENTIRE BACK IS WIDE OPEN! Now, this might be a 'design feature', but to me, its a huge flaw, and beyond that, it's a safety issue. Based on #1 and #2, you shouldn't take your eyes off of the child while in this tower (which I have dubbed, "The Toddler Tower of Terror" much to my wife's chagrin). I was slicing some vegetables and had to turn around for a second to get a towel. BOOM. I heard a loud thump. It was my child, who had just fallen out the WIDE OPEN BACK of this stupid tower, and fell on the floor. She was OK, but obviously screaming in pain. Look, I get it, when the kid gets a little older, it would be nice to allow them to climb into the tower on their own. But, there should be a removable back piece so that the parent can decide when the kid is old enough to be able to handle that risk. Also, if you haven't noticed, toddlers are messy little gremlins. Spilled milk/water/juice, dropped fruits and veggies - the surface of the "floor" in here can get very slick, very quickly. Couple that with a wide open back of the tower - you are just asking for problems.

We have bought a replacement unit, all wood, and completely enclosed on all 4 sides. It is much sturdier, much heavier, and there is literally no way for the child to escape or fall out.

Trust me, this is not a product you want with a young toddler. Perhaps when they're a bit older and stronger, it would work fine, but I won't be buying it again to find out. We have returned ours, even though we'll be hit with a 20% restocking fee. Pro TIp - keep the box if you do get this. We burnt our box, and waited weeks for a suitable return box to come from one of our hundreds of amazon orders (we have problems, I get it). Ended up just wrapping it in shipping style saran-wrap and slapping a label on (per Amazon instructions) to return the thing.
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