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Reviewed in the United States on June 8, 2021
I got this for my daughter for an end of year/summer gift. Right away we had problems with getting the device setup.

I spent two hours on tech support working to get it to load the apps we had added and it never worked. You have to manually click update each time per component. In my case this was 18 times. It's tedious. In the end it didn't fix anything. I had to register, de register, and reload the apps. By the time tech support was done we could only access books and all other content wasn't loading (they made it worse). Big disappointment for my kid overall. We basically opened it, tried to use it, did tech support for 2 hours, and then returned it.

The device screen quality is low, and has a blurry aspect to it. The construction feels cheap. Tech support is questionable, we had our support people stop chatting and just leave twice while we working through issues. The app library is skewed towards little kids (kindergarten/ 1st grade). I couldn't even access apps advertised on the box when searching. The kids+ library is a lot of stuff thats pretty low quality.

I think for a kids device its really key that its easy to use and works right out the box. Its not a fun experience to watch you parents take your new toy and sit on customer support for hours. Making this more user friendly and accessible is my number one recommendation. Most common android tablets do the basics better than the Fire HB 8 kids pro and look better doing it. I rarely write reviews, but this was such a bad experience I felt I had to try to help others from not ending up where I did.

Avoid this tablet. The silver lining to this terrible experience was that the kids played outside while I tried to get it working, so this tablet is good at ensuring the kids don't spend too much time on their devices.
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