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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 18, 2020
4/17/21: With monthly subscribe and save, I bought this 9 times so far in the past 1 year. However I notice the price has been going up in recent days.

New Updates: This is the 4th time buying this product within the last 6 months. Out of 4 times, only my last delivery came with some bad apples - about 3 of the singles were open and split over liquid which messed up the whole box. I sorted out the whole container and washed the rest with cold water and were ready to use without problems. I continue to be creative and use this amazing coffee creamer for a variety of dishes (in lieu of milk)
I HIGHLY SUGGEST using the OPTION: Amazon Box for shipping while check out. This box gives extra protection.

Update: Expiry date on my 2nd order was about 5 months away.
To avoid any damage to the original Nestle box and its contents, I suggest opting for the 'amazon box' shipment which shows up automatically while checking out.

The shipping was fast. The expiry date is about 7 months away which is good. They seem to be fresh and very good quality. Happy with the pricing. Other than coffee, tea - I use this in oats, pastas, soups and it taste yummy.
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