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Reviewed in the United States on May 5, 2020
Have had it for about 2ish weeks now. No problems. It's comfy, soft, light, so much better than that azzor mouse I bought and didn't work after 2 weeks, battery life had been good after HEAVY usage (gaming for 15+ hours no joke - runescape/my time at portia/skyrim), haven't charged it yet and it hasn't shown signs of low battery usage like mouses do, and it looks simple and nice. Although it's not a sleek black, it's matte and I can see my handprint from sweat which is gross, but since I'm not really looking at it when I use my laptop it's not a major issue. Really worth the money I spent would recommend.

Purchased MARCH 2020

This mouse finally gave out after 1 year. I'm not entirely sure if it was something with the drivers failing or something with a windows update but this mouse no longer works. I tried to use this mouse on 3 different computers and it does not even move. Mouse was perfect while I had it. So for a years worth of use it was great, maybe a bit over priced though.
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