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Reviewed in the United States on August 21, 2017
Well, Leviton is the brand I usually go for and I love their clamping system for wiring the device. I purchased two of these for such a great price. However, I wired one GFCI with two regular receptacles going downstream that are "GFCI protect outlets".

Here is my complain, I used my tester and all three devices in the circuit says "Correct" when I test them for proper wiring. I used my meter and all three give me 120v. So all is good so far. However, when I test and "reset" the GFCI, the LED light flashes ONCE and the LED light states blank. NO GREEN LIGHT.

Has anyone else had this issue?

So Wiring is correct, all receiving 120v but the LED status light blinks ONCE at reset and is OFF BUT the devices are all working properly.


UPDATE: 8/23/17: I spoke with a tech support representative last night at Leviton and I questioned the above statement. Per the tech, Leviton has "significantly" reduced the brightness of the LED status light and he recommended looking at the status light at NIGHT TIME and I did just that. The light is faintly green but it is functional and operating properly. Customers were complaining about the LED status light being TOO bright in their homes that was more of a distraction while siting in a darken room. Makes sense.

Also, the ONE BLINK of red status light the moment you reset the GFCI is NORMAL according to the representative that I spoke to.

Overall, I am happy with my purchase! Thanks!
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