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Reviewed in the United States on June 26, 2019
I originally bought this mouse so I could quickly switch between two PCs at my desk. I'm in utter shock they put the device switcher UNDERNEATH the mouse instead of as another button next to the scroll mode button. This horrible implementation completely defeated the purpose of having one mouse to rule your workspace as it is extremely cumbersome to flip the mouse upside down and press a button every time you want to switch devices (need to use two hands). Even worse, if you only have 2 devices, the mode switcher requires you cycle thru all 3 devices meaning you need to remember to press the switch button once if you want to go to device 2, and twice if you want to switch from device 2 back to device 1 (because it needs to run thru device 3 whether you are using it or not).

Being a G502 user, this mouse also has a really bulky arch that doesn't feel as ergonomic as my G502. I might get used to it, I might not. Likely returning this week though by the sole fact they put such a critical button in such an illogical location.
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