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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 20, 2020
Budget ear buds does the Job

2.5 year Update: Licensed clumsy person here. Ended up running over one of my new ear bud replacements with my car. (I tend to drop earbuds everywhere and loose them for a period of time🤦)
At this point I decided not to bother the company for a replacement due to my ridiculous nature.
I can't get the single pairs to link up to one another BUT I am able to charge them in any charge bank simultaneously. I just have to click all "T17" names at once till one connects to my Bluetooth and just use one ear bud at a time which I've done anyhow in the past.

Two year Update:
So it's official I'm clumsy. I left the replacement pair in a pant pocket. I accidentally put my full weight into my foot and stepped on the ear bud while changing clothes. The ear hook broke off, signal got messed up (though later this fixed itself but it would fall out of ear without the hook). Contacted the company again and happy to say they came in clutch and replaced them.

By the way, These earbuds have a lifetime warranty. Can't go wrong with trusting a company who will work with you, easy to contact, and will save you money in the end especially if your a clumsy person like me who can't afford to replace earbuds when budgeting.

One year update:
I've contacted the company when I started having issues with the charger bank and earbuds due mostly to (accidental drops/repeated accidental washes)
Thankfully they were able to replace them and so happy with their their customer service!

I've accidentally washed these earbuds before. One time a wash messed up one bud sound quality but corrected itself after leaving it alone in the charging bank for a few days. Both buds are still going strong.

Wearablity: Won't fall out of ear but if wearing a facemask the buds entangle with the mask (one time accidentally sent a earbud flying at someone when untangling). I wear glasses and they don't get in the way except when paired with Glasses+mask+earbud= Entanglement

Battery life: I tested the battery life while I used to work at a job site on a 5 day 24hr basis, by the 5th day the bank would need charging (I use one ear bud for each time I used them). Battery life is good, one bud will last a full day with spaced out use. Got into the routine of giving a bud a break and switch out buds in late afternoon/pre evening. I've taken these on a 3 day trip and a 2 day camp trip and never had to worry about charging the actual battery charge bank.

Sound quality: Is ok, if using high volume sometimes (depending on song quality as well) the music may distort a tad and garble lightly but I like a medium low level anyways so its not an issue.

Pairing: I've been able to pair my 2 Android phones fairly easily with these buds, but sometimes pairing can be stubborn so I just pop em back into the charger bank and start over OR turning the ear bud off then back on, usually it corrects this way.

2 year Update on noise cancellation: These come in handy when at the library while there are loud people talking nearby or hearing someone loudly speaking on their cell phone in the next study room over. (Both earbuds in, irration replaced by good study music)

Is actually too great and should be taken into account. When I have one ear bud in and the volume is loud enough I tend to miss out on someone trying to talk to me, so i like the volume med low so that way i at least have some awareness of my surroundings especially when out on a walk with my dog. I am able to hear my music while vacuuming on the highest volume though keep in mind that this can damage your hearing overtime if doing so on a constant high volume basis.
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