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Reviewed in the United States on December 5, 2021
So listen, a lot of y’all seem to have a lot to say on this here platform which leaves me wondering if you keep that same energy for non-Black content.

I mean we beg and beg for representation, for a seat at the table - but then we tear the table down before the meal even begins. My goodness. Every thing isn’t for everyone. If you didn’t like the show, cool. Watch something else. But what is this desire to tear down Black art. Because that’s what this is - art - and last I checked non-Black folks get to showcase and regurgitate their art on television and in cinema without the masses pulling out their pitchforks, because it wasn’t up to their so-called standards, because it reminds them of XYZ, because it doesn’t check every single arbitrary box, because it isn’t Oscar-worthy.

Some things just… are. It’s entertainment. We endure in REAL LIFE enough. We’ve finally entered an era where Black content doesn’t automatically include Black trauma/struggle. That . is . a . win.

Also, Black professional women (and men) with degrees, and good jobs, and multiple letters behind and in front of their names are allowed to be ratchet too, also, as well. If your friends group can’t talk, laugh, and enjoy all the things without a filter, are you really even friends.

Also, Meagan Good is an A-C-T-R-E-S-S. That is her whole profession. Playing fictional characters. She’s been doing that since she was a child and way before she got married to some man. So in what world does a woman decide to not perform the duties of her job/career/profession/passion because of what her husband does or doesn’t do for a living. It’s really time for some of y’all to leave that “first lady” trope at the altar. Please. Thank you. And Amen.

Also, gay people exist. Black gay people exist. And they deserve representation too. The end.

Also, the litter police LOL really LOL that’s where you draw the line LOL just say you hate the show and go LOL

And lastly, and I say this (somewhat) respectfully, to the non-Black people that have jumped on this here platform with commentary on Black life, Black womanhood, Black TV/cinema, and all things Black in general - don’t.
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