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Reviewed in the United States on May 26, 2019
These are great but my only reservation is how long the batteries will last. I have five of these set up along a high traffic walkway I share with my next door neighbor. I’m using Duracell batteries on one of them and Eneloop rechargeables with D battery adapters. After the first night, I took a look at the battery levels for each pathway light through the Ring app and found that the three Pathway lights using the rechargeables are already half life already but the Light with the Duracells are still full green. It’s been about two weeks since then and all the battery levels remain the same. If I can get a few months from the rechargeables I’ll be happy but if only one month then that’d suck :(

Update 8/9/2019: Rechargeables won’t work with these so you’ll have to go with regular batteries. Rechargeables were lasting two to three weeks tops :( I did buy the Amazon Basic D cells and they’re working great! The battery life is still full green after about a month and a half and my system is triggered on average 11 times per evening (we’ll see how these hold up when the nights are longer in the fall and winter). I’ve since purchased another Pathlight and have been getting a lot of compliments on them from visitors because they love how it lights up our landscape and pathway as they walk towards our front door. I still love these!
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