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Reviewed in the United States on October 27, 2018
I blame myself for not researching this product more carefully before purchasing it. A few red flags to consider: the recommended application involves first soaking the stain with warm water and extracting the water with a wet vacuum, repeating this step 4 or so times BEFORE even the first application of this cleaner. For a spray cleaner, I feel that is a bit overboard. Most of the cleaning accomplished was done with the wet vacuum alone. The second red flag is the ingredient list, or lack thereof. Read it carefully. It is meaningless and deceptive. Total junk. I used this product for a small pet stain and it did nothing beyond mask the odor with its own overpowering smell. I even went back and repeated the process 2 additional times over the span of a few days without any success. I would not call the spot "clean" and the product's masking scent is merely surface level. A total waste.
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