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Reviewed in the United States on July 20, 2021
We live in rural america and do not have household internet *cue gasp* I currently have an Amazon Fire that we run Freetime off of and it works great offline so I jumped on the Prime Day sale to get the kids version. This version does not work well for those who need to be offline the majority of the time. I have a terrible time connecting up to internet when I bring it to work or other internet friendly areas. The icons on the tablet consistently disappear both online and offline and the only way to fix this is to hard reset the tablet multiple times a day. When I do actually get connected up to the wi-fi it is a hit or miss on if the tablet will bother allowing me to download anything off of free time. Overall I would not bother wasting my time, money, or low storage space on one of these devices again even with the free screen repair. All of these issues are with less than a month of ownership.
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