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Reviewed in the United States on May 24, 2020
This product stinks worse than the urine did after I cleaned it. In fact I don’t believe the carpet smelled as bad as the product with the dog urine still there. The stench from the product invaded every room of our home. Leaving us the only option of shutting off the air conditioning to open the all the doors and windows, with outside temperature was 85 degrees with the humidity of 79%. Then cleaning that area again and area around it (overspray) with Bissell spot bot (I highly recommend those ours is at least 13 yrs old). After leaving the house open for 4 hours there is still a slight unpleasant/obnoxious odor. This product “Nature’s Miracle Advanced stain and Odor eliminator” IS NOT the same item We purchased in PetSmart, it must be a knockoff, a fake. After using I opened the bottle to smell the product (We wish we did beforehand) the smell was an obnoxious cross between a concentrated cat and dog urine. Thankfully we are still on lockdown, we would be extremely embarrassed for someone to come in our home even now after the second cleaning and airing out. We seriously advise others not to purchase this product, we won’t be doing so again from Amazon.. This has left us hoping and praying that those wallflower lavender/Vanilla for odors we placed throughout the house works and does so soon.
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