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Reviewed in the United States on December 12, 2018
Like any technology- it is great and convenient until it turns to 🤬. I lost power for a minute and all eight plugs became unresponsive. I figured I would delete a plug and try to reconnect it to my network. I watched YouTube videos on how to reset the device. I was unsuccessful. I found the customer service number through Google. The tech support rep said I had to unplug every unit in the house before reconnecting each one. Here is what I had to do:

Delete the first unit’s name from the Kasa app. Plug that unit into the outlet and a solid orange appears. To rest the unit, hold the side button in for about 10 seconds and release when the light blinks an alternating orange and blue. I think this is when an option came up to reset the device. The rest of the set up was the same as when the unit was just out of the box. Then I had to repeat the process 7 more times. The key is to UNPLUG EVERY UNIT BEFORE RESETTING THEM.

When that was finished I had to go into the Alexa app and edit the two groups I had previously established. Voice command was working for each unit but not for the groups. I unchecked the devices in the group and rechecked them. Everything is working now. All this hassle to be able to control the various Christmas light displays around the house with a voice command. Argh!
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