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Reviewed in the United States on May 6, 2022
I struggled with wi-fi extenders for the past couple years. The router in my house is in a corner bedroom, leaving the garage and back yard as WiFi wastelands. I tried some extenders that would fall off the network, forget their settings, or just seize up and die after a couple months.
I decided to quit screwing around and invest in some real equipment. This thee pack was perfect. I didn’t have to mess with ANY settings on my existing router/modem combo from the cable company. I just plugged one of these into one of the Ethernet ports in the back of my router. Don’t worry about losing a port if you need those. Each of these units has a couple ports in the back, for your things that need to be hard wired (my ole hue bridge, garage door opener etc.)

Without having to do anything, the unit connected. Adding the other two was just as easy. They basically connect to the network automatically. I now have whole home coverage, no weak spots, the garage camera isn’t constantly disconnected, and there have been zero issues. The download speeds are Double what they were with junky range extenders. This item has performed flawlessly.
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