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Reviewed in the United States on November 20, 2018
I cut the cord some time ago and have been going back and forth between Fire Stick/Cube and live T.V. The Recast puts live TV in the Fire Stick or Fire Cube. So no more changing inputs on your TV. There are not many other options for a DVR capability for broadcast TV and absolutely nothing that will integrate cleanly into Alexa and Fire Stick / Fire Cubes.

It works great, but as a first version it's a bit rough around the edges. Some Usability testing would be good. For example: When I click on a recording that hasn't finished recording yet I see the message: "Tune to channel to view live broadcast, or watch from earliest recording." Buttons: Live, Recording, Dismiss (Default). I'm not quite sure that statement is proper English, nor does making the option 'dismiss' the default which takes you back to the main screen. Did anyone ever think that when you click on a recording that you might want to... I don't know... watch the recording? Perhaps just get rid of the entire message and just play the recording.

I would recommend the recast, and I would also provide 5 stars if more of these silly usability issues are eliminated.
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