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Reviewed in the United States on October 11, 2020
I have two Philips hue bridge/hubs (because one would not cover the whole house) and about 14 bulbs/switches and 3 dimmer switches. I use Homekit to operate the system as the Philips app requires you to switch hubs to use the lights on each hub/bridge and Amazon's Alexa only supports one hub/bridge.

I have purchased 4 of these Smart Plugs and 1 did not work. For the ones that work, it is simply enough to configure and setup, but for the one that does not work, it remains a mystery how to debug the device since there is no support. They say plug it and the light turns green, then go to the app and add it. But what happens when it turns green and then starts flashing red? I could find nothing on the Philips site and the a search of the internet revealed nothing. I have no idea what the flashing red light means. I have plugged it into sockets where there is a working Smart Plug and it still does not work. Wi FI signal is not an issue. Maybe some one here knows?

I have also noticed that these are very difficult to find and that prices on Amazon are higher than Philip's web site. Is there something we do not know causing a problem here. Bottom line is that I do not trust this plug. 25% failure, expensive (higher than msrp on Amazon) and little to no support.

Not recommended. Find another solution for those fittings that cannot take a Philips Hue lamp or find another smart home solution.
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