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Reviewed in the United States on June 4, 2022
Tried to figure out the best way to review this 'cause, like the majority of people have pointed out, the actual card itself is great. Huge capacity and fast . . . everything it's advertised to be. The problem I've had is with the adapter . . . the tiny little sliding lock on the side of the adapter doesn't "lock." What I mean by that is that it's free-flowing without and indentation for it to stay locked or unlocked. Because of this, almost every time you slide it into a computer, camera, recording device, etc., it automatically locks the card so that you can't record onto it. It's exasperating and exhausting to try and get it loaded AND unlocked at the same time. Maybe mine's defective but it's really annoying and, quite a few times, I've been unable to use the card 'cause of the adapter.
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