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Reviewed in the United States on November 9, 2019
This mouse is clearing up my thumb tendonitis!!! It's a great product, moves easily, scrolls easily. So much more comfortable for my hand and wrist and fingers. I've used it for a few of weeks and it is so much better than trying to use a traditional mouse left handed.
I have large hands for a female, and it fits me. A similarlly designed mouse I ordered at the same time was too small for my hands/fingers.
Although the pictures show not using any form of wrist rest, I found that a combination of mousepad/wrist rest worked best for me. If you were using a wrist rest before, you may find you need to switch to a wrist rest with a lower hight. If your hands are larger than mine, you may not need a wrist rest; if your hands are smaller, you may need a thicker wrist rest.
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