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Reviewed in the United States on December 20, 2020
I have been purchasing the triple flavor kabob version of this product, for two years. My dog absolutely LOVES them! He usually leaves the rawhide stick alone, which is TOTALLY fine with me. SO, I WAS SO EXCITED when this new product came out!!! The triple flavor meats without the kabob stick, how perfect!!!
I ordered once, to test them out, and they seemed fine. However, I ordered 3 more times and EVERY TIME they were hard as rocks. Actually, harder than rocks. My dog is a pitbull and can rip through ANYTHING with his jaw.... except these kabob bites. At first I thought my dog was just being picky. I tried to soften them, I even tried to make them smaller. I USED A HAMMER and ended up breaking a cutting board and busting my hammer. SERIOUS. These rocks barely dented. I let my dog have a few, and each time he'd end up swallowing them whole. I am extremely disappointed.
For anyone looking for something similar, try the "Good'n'Tasty Soft and Crunchy." They are hollow cylinders, similar flavor, but not as much bang for the buck.
** THESE KABOB BITES ARE DANGEROUS. REALLY, THEY ARE NOT GOOD FOR A DOG's teeth, throat, or stomach. I literally had to observe him eating to make sure he didn't choke. I threw them out.
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