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Reviewed in the United States on October 17, 2020
The overall keyboard provides a number of positives. It types quietly and effortlessly. It is about 2" narrower in both the width and length compared to most other full size keyboards, allowing for a small footprint. All the "F" keys are programmable, using the "Options" software, which is free, easy to download, and install. This allows for a lot of flexibility if you want to change the function of any of these keys. For example, you can assign any of these keys to open your applications, as well as many other options.

The backlighting on the MX Keys for Mac works flawlessly! It doesn't matter if you are working with "automatic" or "manual" backlighting. The "automatic" mode is obtained by simply turning on the keyboard with the power button, and not using the "F5" or "F6" buttons. If you use these buttons, you will disconnect from the "automatic" mode and will be in the "manual" mode. There are a number of backlit brightness levels you can select in the "manual" mode. The "automatic" mode only has 2 backlit levels. One for a dark or dimly lit room, and a brighter level if you are using it a brighter environment. Once you stop using the keyboard for a number of hours and then return to use it, the hand sensor and backlighting still work! This is unlike the regular version of the MX Keys keyboard, which shuts down the backlight and hand sensor after a couple of hours and does not automatically come back on! There is only one minor issue with the backlighting. If you have "manually" set the backlit level, and don't use the keyboard for a couple hours, when you go to use it again, the backlighting automatically comes on, but it is reset to the "automatic" brightness level, not the level at which you last set it, if you were using it in the "manual" mode. However, this is not a big issue, as the "automatic" level it returns to is the "second" brightness level, which is more than enough to see the keys in a dark or dimly lit room. Of course, if you manually turn off the backlighting, then the hand sensor will not work again until you turn the backlighting back on. If you are considering the keyboard for the backlighting feature, buy the MX Keys for Mac, not the standard MX Keys version. Overall, considering the compact size, and all the features this keyboard offers, it is a top pick, and the one to get!
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