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Reviewed in the United States on September 4, 2021
I got this to replace a dot I had in our bedroom. Mistake? I did not read the negative reviews first. Not a good unit for bedside use. My biggest complaint is the screen will not diminish to an acceptable night time level. It leaves a light so bright it is as though we have one of our table lamps on low. At night all I want is to just barely be able to see the clock face and that's it. NOT possible with this unit. I has a Google hub that I was given because I had bought several Nest Cams. It functioned as a bed side unit should and I assumed that this would be able to do the same. Okay for any other room but a bedroom. As for the sound TOO much base even with it set to min bass and max treble and midrange. Also the touch screen is slow to respond and is not to industry user friendly standards. It takes several seconds to respond to each touch and you get the impression it is not working. Not happy with the unit at all for the price. Amazon needs to make big changes to make it user friendly, music worthy and useful in the bedroom. I wish I had not got rid of my Google hub now!!
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