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Reviewed in the United States on December 26, 2021
I'm not sure if the people who gave this a bad review didn't actually look at the description. This IS NOT the original Elf with the book. It's not the elf you position all over your house. This is a larger, soft toy. Perfect for toddlers or slightly older kids to hug on and carry around. Perfect for them to snuggle up to to go to sleep with. because it's not the original elf (Still the same brand, but a different toy), it does not come with a book. The dimensions are pretty clear. It's like buying one of those baby yoda plush pillows and complaining that it's not an action figure. The description said plush pillow toy and you just saw baby yoda and thought all toys were hard action figures. That's a you problem, not the toy's problem. If you can't read and interpreter descriptions and filter the results on Amazon, then I think it's wise to buy the toys directly from the original website. Everyone here can go to the elf on the shelf website and buy what they want. We bought several of these and all the kids in my family loved them. I thought they were good quality and a great size.
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