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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 21, 2020
I'll start with the obvious, which is the 'roast beef'. I know where on a cow different types of beef roasts are found. The 'roast beef' in this meal is clearly chopped and formed and we have no idea where exactly on a cow this beef is from (and not knowing this information might be beneficial). It is likely scraps from Hormel's other meat products. On one hand it isn't repulsive but on the other it's clearly not 'roast beef' as we know it. It has a very faint beef taste - very faint. That's the best thing I can say for this mystery meat, which aside from being unlike any 'roast beef' in my experience is also a very small portion relative the the potatoes. I suppose this isn't a bad thing given we have no idea what we're really eating here other than the vague 'beef' ingredient on the label.

The mashed potatoes and gravy were fairly standard. The potatoes were a little gluey but for the price I'm not expecting more.

What is noteworthy about this meal, other than its relative convenience and the lack of need for refrigeration, is the massive sodium wallop you get from this - an incredible 830mg. In reading the reviews I note that many senior citizens are buying these, and relatives of seniors are having them shipped to assisted living centers for their loved ones. Hormel certainly must know this just as they must know how unhealthy this much sodium is for older people, particularly those with heart issues. This stuff is like death in a cheap plastic tub.

A suggestion for the suits at Hormel - please release a low-sodium or (better) a no-sodium option for these nasty little COMPLEATS meals and let us, the consumer, add salt to taste. I know you load these up with sodium to hide the poor quality of the ingredients but we should be able to determine our own acceptable sodium risk. A salt-free version would likely be a best seller in your line as everyone has salt readily available. For those who want a salt bomb they can still purchase the original line. It's easy to add salt and impossible to remove it. Let us decide and not some Hormel apparatchik.
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