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Reviewed in the United States on November 3, 2020
I have 8 Echos in various rooms and from several generations. Yep, I have a big house... What attracted me to this generation was that onboard voice capabilities that makes response faster and sure, who doesn’t want even better sound quality? I also liked the design better than the looks of the previous generations and that I could see the activity ‘light ring’ when I was sitting down. The spherical designed has some real advantages and it’s apparent in the improved sound. And improved it is. Music is easily better, more complex and effortless. This is NOT supposed to be a blast the neighborhood out speaker, but it did fill a larger room with quality sounding music that is noticeably improved to past generations. Voice commands and responses are practically instant and tigger happy quickly improved... Me likes so much that I replaced 2 of my 8 for in the areas where I am most using them. I even returned my first gen to amazon to get 25$ off then new one. Understand, my old ones are in pristine condition with all the original packaging and boxes, but how great to be able to do this!

My whole house is voice controlled, lighting, fireplaces (ceramic logs with LED ‘fake fire lights’), thermostat and as an early adopter of the Echo Voice Assistant, I’ve never looked back. Being able to ask any question, to ask about a stores hours before even driving there to make sure it’s open and then being given the option to phone DIRECTLY from the device, is sweet. And how about NEVER having to touch your alarm clock to hit snooze or turn it off again? Yes please. Get quick and accurate local weather reports instantly, air quality too! Need to be reminded, multiple timers or announcements and intercom functions. Just say the word. I have every news channel I want set in my flash briefing and LOVE these, hearing them most days. Here’s my line up: Daily scripture, this day in history, Fox news, BBC news, Management tip of the day and a few more. You can easily add what YOU want to hear and it’s a treat. I LOVE podcasts and there’s a series called “Hardcore History” with hundred of episodes. Some of which are 6 hours long! What’s cool is I can start one of these while I’m cooking in the kitchen, tell the device to stop when I’m finished and when I later (day, month, weeks or whatever) tell it to “Play Hardcore History” it will name the episode I left off on and pick it up for exactly the same spot! How sweet that??

And guys, knock yourselves out because there are thousands of podcasts on virtually any subjects to enjoy and learn from. I love having this ability!!! LOVE, Love, love the ability to always be learning new things from this device while still doing what I do do in the background. There’s so much more and I could literally go on for hours with what a great enhancement this has been in so many ways, learning, security, information, entertainment, news, communications, etc. Being able to have my arms full, walk though my house and just TEll a light to turn on along the way without having to touch or find a switch is sublime! Yep, you need the right lights, but boy, talk about convenience and living in the future now. NEVER going back! Even my landscaping lights and sprinkler control system, my security cameras works with it. And if I want to make an announcement to the whole house, I just say, “Echo, repeat EVERYWHERE” and then tell it what I want to say. And all 8, in every room will go off: “Dinner is in 5 minutes!” So sweet!

I also have 2 of the Echo Clocks that work with the device and they are awesome. The LED ring and countdown before the alarm going off is sweet.

But guys, I even LOVE just telling the Echo to play rain/storm sound effects and it’s calming, deep and healing. What a wonderful, effortless device with so many capabilities. Even during one of my personal bible studies, I can ask Echo for some background on virtually anyone I reading about and background is forthcoming.

Yes, I was an early adopter and man, these are a purchase I’ve never regretted making. I use them EVERY day and they have enhanced my life in ways that are special, rich and convenient. Like something out of a Dick Tracy comic from the 1930’s, this system is here, ripe, mature and developed. I’m such a fan!

The only suggestion I have for Amazon would be to give me the option in a metal package. Who wants to dust fabric? Lastly, IF you built in even great Biblical knowledge capability, you’d sell even millions more. Give me a teaching assistant that has a data base to field just about anything biblical I could ask of it.

LOVING this product and the direction it’s going. The future IS now and ECHO is the best, most supported, device with thousands and thousands of functions. Thank you Amazon and keep enhancing this baby because I’m upgrading all along the way. I returned on for a discount and the other 1st gen is going to a charity raffle. And heck, it’s in perfect condition with all the original packaging and boxes.

Hot Dog!

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