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Reviewed in the United States on September 22, 2020
Fantastic quality keyboard/mouse for macOS, and it works with Windows 10 too! (with some caveats, see below) This keyboard is hands down the best you can buy for your Mac. I have absolutely no complaints from a hardware perspective. All of my problems have been software and terrible support by Logitech, so hopefully, this will be a perfect product soon.

Problem #1
At this time, the documentation tells you to go to the wrong URL to get Logitech Options, which results in out-of-date software that does not work on macOS Catalina. Seriously Logitech?

Problem #2
Logitech does not do a good job of disclosing that this keyboard WILL NOT work in Bluetooth mode at first login after boot if you have FileVault full disk encryption enabled. You will have to either turn off FileVault or use an Apple keyboard to login when you boot up your Mac. This bug/limitation is due to Apple, but we all know Apple won't fix it, so this info needs to be seen on this page before purchasing it.

Problem #3
I purchased this keyboard along with the MX Master 3 specifically for using it for both my PC and my Mac via Bluetooth. Logitech Flow, which is part of the Logitech Options software, allows you to move your mouse off the screen in the direction of the other computer to switch automatically.... in theory. The problem is an unfixed bug in Windows 10 will cause any Bluetooth mouse to be ignored if the keyboard is not connected first, and for some reason, Flow tries the mouse first. I have reported the problem to both Microsoft and Logitech, and this is still not fixed. Everything works fine if you disable flow, and use buttons on the mouse/keyboard to switch manually. You have to make sure you switch the keyboard first when changing to PC. Hopefully, this info saves someone some aggravation.
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