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Reviewed in the United States on February 24, 2021
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 This plug is dangerous! Even though its "rated" at 15A and 1.8KW for its "maximum load", just a little under 1000 watts and 9 amps continuous load this device was hot to the touch, exceeding in upwards of 108* F. I cant imagine how hot this thing gets if you get anywhere near the max load. I can confirm the load I was monitoring is only around 975 watts and 8 Amps with a Kill-A-Watt, so I know for a fact I wasnt exceeding the listed limits. If the outside temperature of this device was hitting 108 degrees, I cant imagine how hot the internals were getting. The design definitely should be reconsidered with active cooling or better heat dissipation because this is going to start fires. I ordered two of these, but Im cautious about even plugging it in with what happened with this one, and I cant imagine it would work any differently.

Forget about hooking this up to a high power draw appliance or device, youre playing with fire, literally.
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