Customer Review

Reviewed in the United States on February 3, 2021
Great mouse and a great price. I originally got the mouse because it was silent, rechargeable, ergonomic. I bought the mouse January 2020 and I've had zero problems. I use the mouse for work everyday.

I like how the mouse will go to sleep and very quickly wakes up when I click it.

I don't do any computer gaming so I can't speak to that.

There are two features I would love to see in this mouse. First, I would love for the mouse to have an LED battery indicator to give me an idea of the battery life. Even if it was just an LED saying it was low then that would let me know that I need to charge it. Currently I just charge it whenever I feel like it but it has run out of battery in the middle of a shift when I forget to charge it. I would like to also see the mouse be able to work while plugged in and charging. While I charge the mouse, I simply can't use it.
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