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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 26, 2022
Dear Brami,

You *almost* got this right! SO CLOSE! But, ya should have stopped at olive oil. Why, oh WHY would you add sunflower oil when you are marketing to a group that most definitely caters to keto diets or at least a health driven lifestyle which does not include low quality oils?? I get that sunflower oil is cheaper. However I just paid top dollar for this variety pack and I think I deserve olive oil and only olive oil.

Most noticeably though is the complete lack of sesame tahini. Traditional hummus is made of 2 main ingredients: Garbanzo (chickpeas) AND tahini. Tahini is low carb and adds to the creaminess which is noticeably lacking in these products!! I know that a low carb hummus cannot contain garbanzos but it certainly CAN have the tahini. Why take both of those from us? Not to mention tahini is shelf stable too, just like other nut and seed butters. I have not been able to enjoy your "spreads" without adding my own tahini to them. Which, is a job I do NOT want to do considering Brami is pricy enough to hit the nail on the head. I am busy and really would love to buy a pre made hummus that fits into my keto way of eating. But sadly I won't buy or recommend your product unless you correct these two big problems. I can't understand anyone saying these are any good. They certainly haven't had any properly made hummus before. This is too easy to be messing this up! C'mon guys, do better!
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