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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 2, 2020
I initially got these to replace my old ones which were cutting in and out. These worked ok for about 3 months but after 3 month they started having really weird issues. First is that It would lose the Bluetooth in my back pocket. Then it started getting really quiet, I would have to disconnect them and reconnect. Now I wear them and they will lower the volume by themselves, and then if I raise the volume after it lowers it self it will repeat volume at Maximum over and over.
UPDATE: So I contacted TOZO Customer Service, and they wanted me to change my review before they sent me a new pair. I told them no, and it took them over a month to send me a new pair and I am bombarded with emails to change my review. The new pair that they sent me basically statics out with any base so again not worth the headache or the bombarding of emails
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