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Reviewed in the United States on November 3, 2020
3 weeks after getting this and using it for work every day ( I work in IT), i have gotten keys that keep pressing on. Example you type in a password ( which maybe 12345 it will put in 1234555555555555 or 12344444444444444) or other keys will stick. I switched to my back up keyboard for now, Even recharged it, and still same result. I will need check it with My other OS's ( using on a Mac now, going to try it in Linux next and Windows 10). On a plus side switching and paring from Windows to Mac to IOS is super easy and easy to setup.

Update: 11/11/2020
So now the Bluetooth cuts in and out on my Mac. I was able to fix the repeated keys by leaving a book on the keyboard that kept pressing keys till the batter drained out and
Then recharged it ... so far that has worked by the Bluetooth connectivity issue is super annoying when you are in the middle of an email or writing something important.
I think when I get time I will initiate a return

Update 11/23/2020
So once i posted the review the company contact me wanting to take the review down and they would send me a replacement keyboard. I told them they are free to send me keyboard but I will not take down my original review. They ended up giving me a credit for a new keyboard which I am typing on since last week. Today after 1 week of use I have had 3 disconnections from my Macbook pro (2008) and 1 from my Windows 10 workstation. The company is VERY pushy on trying to take down review, that are honest. I told the I would wait a month before I posted an update and here we are a week later. Moving down to a 2 star as this is the 2nd keyboard that is causing an outage issue where I need to rsync it. I am going to recharge it again ( I did when I first got it to see if that is the issue). FI this continues to next week then the plan is to return this and get a logitec bluetooth that just work
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