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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on December 27, 2021
Who is this for: anyone looking for a cheap easy way to smart control their existing lights from the switch.

Who it's not for: people with older homes, specifically without neutral wires.

I've used several brands for smart switches over the years. Although my favourites tend to be Lutron Caseta, the major downside to them is how expensive they are. Enter: Amazon Basics.

I purchased 6 of these to setup at my parent's house. Unfortunately, I was only able to setup 3. These do not play nice with older homes, because they require a neutral wire. That is the only downside I have seen.

The ones I was able to setup paired instantly through the Alexa app. They were then quickly put into groups, changed to be "lights" and voila -- they are now easily controlled by Echo/Alexa devices!

My parent's couldn't be happier!

I do hope Amazon Basics releases a "no neutral needed" version. I'm surprised they didn't launch that instead, that way every single homeowner could make their home smart. There are plenty of no-neutral required smart switches currently available, I guess Amazon just didn't find the right supplier in that regard.
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