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Reviewed in the United States on April 20, 2020
The Indus Farms banana powder is a good quality product, just don't expect it to have the strong banana flavor most artificially flavored products have.

The powder is very fine, has a natural sweetness and a mild banana flavor, something more of how a slightly green banana would taste, not a fully ripen one.
If you touch the powder with wet fingers, they get really sticky.

I have initially purchased for baked goods and pancakes. While it mixes well with other flours, the added flavor is almost unnoticeable.
Another intended use was flavoring oatmeal. The banana added taste is again mild, but it makes the oatmeal more custardy in consistency, which I really like.
The best use I found for the banana powder is mixing it into plain Greek yogurt... it makes the yogurt even more creamy and it tastes delicious.
I also like it in smoothies and homemade ice cream. It doesn't add too much flavor or thickness, but it's nice for an added natural banana touch.
On it's own it's not a substitute to sugar, but it can help reduce the amount of sugar needed.

The resealable bag is good quality, surprisingly sturdy, it closed perfectly each time (some zips on resealable bags tend to break easily when constantly opening and closing the bag). I also appreciate that it's a more eco-friendly sustainable option.
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