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Reviewed in the United States on August 12, 2019
This product is an egregious breach of my privacy which is not noted in the description on

In order to install the app, it wants:
-access to my call logs and location information.
-access to my music, photos, and other files.
-admin access to reorder running apps and startup apps.
-admin access to control battery functions and prevent sleep.

More disturbingly, it says that in order to run, it wants:
-permission to use the camera at any time without my confirmation.
-permission to use the microphone to record at any time without my confirmation.
-permission to connect and disconnect from wi-fi, and transmit/received data.

None of the above are required in order to talk to a Bluetooth enabled device. This is supposed to be just a light bulb, it shouldn't need such privileges in order to function.
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