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Reviewed in the United States on December 8, 2018
So you’ve heard about cutting the cord and you’re excited to save a little money, or you remember when you could stream just about any movie on Netflix, and you think a Fire TV Stick is the answer. The Amazon Fire TV Stick isn’t very expensive, but if you don’t wish to deal with the stress or disappointment, do your research first.
After getting sick of paying for a whole cable subscription to watch nothing but local news, I installed a $600 antenna, only to find out the only channels available over the air in my area are PBS. After hearing about the Fire TV Stick, I thought I had found the answer. I was wrong.
NOTHING on the Firestick is free. You will still have to create accounts through secondary companies. Most require a subscription which also risks identity and personal security. Based upon my significant other’s three favorite shows and my three favorite shows, the fees and subscriptions would pay our cable bill, and we’re unable to view everything on Firestick that we can with our basic cable subscription.
Even worse, all the Fire TV Stick does is function as a hardware device which combines your choice of apps for viewing on a television. All my phones and all my laptops do that with most of my televisions already. The Fire TV Stick doesn’t magically let you watch anything for free.
It’s Christmas time and we want to watch Christmas Vacation. Even with a Netflix subscription, I’m still expected to pay a rental fee. I thought I could find it and stream it for free, somewhere. Nope. The Fire Stick must have it somewhere. Nope. I finally got mad and jail broke my Firestick and installed Kodi. Still no! I can find it and I can stream it, but I still must pay a rental fee. This was the final straw and my Firestick just moved to its final resting place in the dumpster.
If not being able to cut the cord and watch similar programming for free isn’t an issue, there’s more. You want to watch a specific movie or TV program? There’s no search function. Select your category or genre and click, click, click………’s been thirty minutes and I still haven’t found Christmas Vacation, AND IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME!!!
Local TV? Not on Firestick! Local broadcasts and over the air TV are necessary to aid in keeping the population informed. If you cut the cord and rely on Firestick for entertainment, you and the rest of the Firestick population will certainly be so uninformed that certain politicians may or may not make it into office. Yet, at least you’ll be shielded from the stress of the campaign. Forest fires are heading in your direction and it’s time to evacuate. You won’t have local programming so at least you won’t have to pack your belongings since you don’t know your house will burn down. Amazon needs to realize what laws now apply to them and they need to make local programming and over the air broadcasts available on the Fire TV Stick FOR FREE! That’s why it’s free. Amazon’s technology has exceeded current systems which identifies a change in infrastructure. If the Firestick is reaching a broader population, Amazons structure must change as well.
Enjoy watching a specific TV show? If you find it and pay to watch it, you must select it by the season and episode. For a device which is marketed for its ease of use, there are excessive steps necessary just to view the latest episode of your favorite show. I downloaded other apps and even when using the search bar in the apps, if I try to use the voice control it reverts to the Firestick and not the app I’m using. It will kick me out and take me back to the home screen with basically a Netflix search, nothing else. It’s not easy to use, as marketed.
Even worse, I heard I had to install Kodi to make it work the way I want. I did and as I previously explained, everything still requires a subscription. I’m not done yet, I didn’t realize what I was doing is called “jail breaking” and now I’m at risk of my IP address being tracked and if I’m caught illegally viewing TV or movies, I will lose my internet service and I can be liable for royalties and fees. I can’t risk losing what I’ve worked so hard to gain, hence why my Firestick went in the trash can. If you think you can cut the cord and view TV or movies for free, you will be taking a legal risk of liability.
This is actually my second review. After my first review an Amazon representative called me and asked what and why and all kinds of other questions; not interested in my true opinion, but simply to argue with me over the valid points I was making. In the end, when I explained my problem is not with Amazon, my complaint is that the Firestick does not operate as I expected it to, based upon the marketing and advertising intended to deceive the public. The Firestick functions as Amazon intends it to, but the deception Amazon has created is where my disappointment stems. The Amazon representative deleted my review…yet another deception. The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a big deception, disappointment, and legal liability.
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