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Reviewed in the United States on October 14, 2020
At first this mouse seemed great, but after using it at home and on-the-go for about a week, the number of problems make it a pain to use.

1. While I don't mind the size, I would love if it was a little bigger to make it easier to hold.

2. There's no place to store the dongle in the mouse. This should be standard for all wireless mice, especially ones marketed for travel like this one.

3. The clicks are way too loud. In a room with multiple people working on computers, this mouse is noticeably louder than the others. The sound of the click is comparable to the sound of a blue switch for a mechanical keyboard.

4. Connection issues. The Bluetooth mode is borderline unusable, it will work for maybe 10 minutes and then stop working until I re-pair it with my PC (I tested this on multiple devices, it behaved the same way). It will also occasionally feel laggy or jittery using the dongle.

5. The scroll wheel is significantly better than other "fast scrolling" mice. The "ratcheting" feels really clean, and you can customize the force it takes to turn it. There is a big problem with it though, the scroll wheel rattles. It's very distracting while using it. I can pick it up and shake it to make it rattle, but even just scrolling, my finger can easily move the wheel from side to side. This ends up just making the wheel feel a little cheap, even if works well.

6. The Logitech Option software just isn't very good. The slider for the SmartShift sensitivity is backwards. Sliding to the left increases sensitivity and sliding the the right decreases it. The Logitech Flow feature also doesn't work very well. Moving the mouse to the second screen and back just doesn't feel fluid, it will be very jumpy for a few seconds then return to normal.

Overall, this mouse does not live up to expectations. This mouse is too expensive to be having these kinds of problems. I've used a Logitech M310 mouse for years and never run in to any similar issues. Given these issues, this mouse should cost around $30 rather than $80.
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