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Reviewed in the United States on April 25, 2021
They work, but don't be taken in by the "five layer" description. I got these for a chihuahua puppy. They seemed just fine when she was 1.5-2 pounds, but now that she is 3 pounds, the five layers don't do an adequate job sometimes.

Sometimes the thickness is just fine, but other times it's not. And it is those "other" times that always come at the most inopportune moments..... And she's only 3 pounds......

The size is fine for a pen area--in our house known as the "Jail". But next time I bought the heavy duty.

And here is a bit of experience talking: She went through a phase of ripping them and eating the paper--the wetter, the better. The regular thickness is thin enough to shred easily with tiny, sharp nails. The heavy duty was not so easy to destroy. (Buy some bitter apple--that's how I broke this tendency before it became a habit.)

Also, I bought the 50 count box, because I wasn't sure exactly what or how many I would need. It will behoove you to take into consideration how long your puppy will be quarantined inside the house while completing the PARVO puppy shot regimen. (3-4 shots, 3-4 weeks apart.) 50 count is not enough!
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