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Reviewed in the United States on January 18, 2019
Most of my Fire TVs are the Amazon Fire TV (3rd Gen, Pendant Design) and came with the older style remote that can't power on your TV or adjust the volume. For Christmas I got one of the new Fire TV Stick 4Ks and loved the new remote, which almost made me want to upgrade my older Fire TVs for the new remote, until I found that you can just buy this and pair it to your older Fire TVs (compatible models).

The remote itself is the same size and color as the older Fire TV remotes, but had 3 additional buttons: power, volume, and mute). It runs on two AAA batteries that are included in the box.

Setting this up could not have been easier. Simply go to the Fire TV's settings and go to remotes. You will then have an option to pair a new remote, click this. Then it should detect your new remote and you simply press the select button (big round button) to pair it. It should then perform a quick software update on the remote that takes a couple of minutes.

Next it will detect the model of your TV and prompt you to power it on and off with the new remote. Then check to ensure you can adjust the volume. I did this for 2 Samsung TVs and a Toshiba and it worked perfect for all of them.

Lastly, it will ask if you want to control and other inputs, like a Roku or cable box. If you say yes, it will give you instructions based on your TV model to select the HDMI port it is connected to and name it. After setting this up you can simply tell the controller to switch to your cable box and it will change the input. However, that's where using this remote stops, as you won't be able to control these inputs, just change to them.

I would recommend after setting up your new remote, un-pairing the old remote from your Fire TV and just keeping it as a spare if needed.

- Affordable replacement remote
- Give you more functionality
- Easy to setup

- Does not work with all models of the Fire TV, so check your model and make sure it is compatible
- Does not control other inputs, just changes to them

Overall this is a great remote that I wish Amazon would have had all along and a great addition to the Fire TV family.
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