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Reviewed in the United States on May 31, 2021
Fantastic to use if you're renting or can't change wiring. But...I had just purchased and installed the generation prior to this with the starter pack (the one that came with the ThirdReality Hub). It paired super easily, and was up and running in a minute. I did not have such luck with this one. To the point where I went and bought the Echo (Gen 4) that has Zigbee to use these. I was in need of smart hub anyways, and it made sense...but I wish I hadn't had to buy it. I tried everything to pair all three that I purchased with the ThirdReality Hub...but no dice. Oddly enough, one of the three paired right out of the box with the Echo's discovery mode. The other two...well I tried batteries in and out, tried pairing mode, tried "factory reset" which is supposedly holding the button down for 30 seconds instead of the pairing mode which is 20 seconds. Oddly enough I left them, and they were technically no longer in pairing mode, but after two hours just out of curiosity, I asked the Echo to "discovery my device" which puts it into discovery mode. It found both the other switches, which both didn't have fast blinking lights... So I'm really confused, if the instructions were better, or the pairing wasn't so odd in my experience I would rate these higher.
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