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Reviewed in the United States on November 29, 2019
I spent 3 hours trying to get alexa to find this plug AFTER it was set up and functioning with the KASA app. After doing some time searching the internet and the KASA forums i found MANY MANY posts that the new app and/or firmware do not allow the plug to be placed in anything other than "local use" mode. Previous versions could be toggled to remote usage and then it would be discovered by Alexa. That option is NOT in the latest KASA app. This appears to be a new glitch with most posts starting March 2019. There is no fix at this time. (Yes i downloaded the latest firmware/software). My greatest frustration is with Amazon listing this as an "Amazons Choice" item... but I guess that is just because they must be paid a promotion by the company. I have a number of the Amazon branded smart plugs that all set up easily and continue to work like a charm.
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