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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 8, 2019
Just got this little TV in 24" model, Vizio D24f. I checked the box and website to assure that it is 1080p, it is. The picture is excellent! Small screen adds to high quality images, and the Menu has many options for Gaming, Cinema, Vivid, etc.

The Audio is so-so, its a small unit so small sound. BUT, I', seeing it right in front of me as a second sports screen, and its no issue. Note: the Menu has equalizer at FLAT out of the box, but it has other settings, such as Dynamic, so be sure to et in the Audio portion of the Menu and adjust it. I thought about a soundbar, but additional accessories and such are not my objective. Portable, fun, extra screen for streaming is my goal.

The major limitation is that you cannot download your own Apps to the TV or to the Vizio app. For example, I subscribe to NHL, MLB, and NFl. On my Firestick, I can download the official apps and can control the whole deal with my Firestick remote. I thought I could do the same with this Chromecast enabled small TV...nope. My brother has a 75" Google enabled TV and it does download the apps. Soooo, I have to watch the sports subscriptions by Chromecast streaming from my phone or extra step. I wish I could add apps to this TV. The only apps it has are the ones that come with it, such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Crackle, etc. No Spotify, Pandora, sports, etc. Know this in advance.

It is the only small TV that I could find with two HDMI ports. I might add a Firestick, but for now are simply chrome casting.

I really do like this TV. Many reviewers have documented failures of the TV over time, and I will update if that happens to me. The picture quality is stupendous, the audio is acceptable (if sitting within 10 feet of the TV and after adjusting the Audio setting in menu), and the Chromecasting works but with limitations on Apps. Not bad for a TV I take out on big sports days and put in the closet when not in use. Lightweight and easily stored. Enjoy!
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