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Reviewed in the United States on May 17, 2021
I didn't know about these before a friend of mine recommended them to me after buying them off AliExpress, I figured that since he liked them so much, I may as well try them too as they're cheap and up till now all my wireless earbuds have been knockoffs of official brands being what I could afford. Before these arrived, I would have scrolled past them thinking they would be horrible, and I would have been mistaken.

The Good Things:

1. If you want to get the absolute best demonstration for how amazing these are, link these up to your phone and search on YouTube "The Tucker Zone".
Not only is the suround sound amazing, so is the sound quality, I could easily point out where each member of a band is if I were paying close enough attention. It's got great bass, and excellent balance between the high and low end on music, and an enjoyable boom when the bass kicks in to full gear, I'm actually impressed with how much strength these things have.

2. The battery life isn't nearly as much as some of those bigger companies out there that offer 24hr-48hr battery life, but if I'm being honest, no-one needs much more than 8 or 9 hour battery life for earbuds. And when they do die, the case will charge them for you, they take from a half hour to a full hour to charge fully.

3. They fit in perfectly, and are quite comfortable, now as with all things, they'll take a day or two of use to get used to, but past that point, you're gonna end up forgetting they're in your head.

4. And lastly sound/noise cancelation, these work I would say a little too well, to the point that I've been yelled at because I couldn't hear someone calling for me. And in a way that's a good thing because it gives the ability to just tune out the rest of the world and jam to some music.
And amazingly enough, these do have a mic, and the noise canceling on them is good, but not as good as I'd like, I've noticed that if a noise (like say a vacuum cleaner) is constant and loud enough, the canceling cancels out my voice as well, but aside from that, I've been told my voice is crisp and clean through that microphone.
Makes you wonder what the cellphone industry is doing wrong.

As great as these are there are, there are a few things I have a problem with.
The Bad Things:

1. I would suggest you keep these paired strictly to your mobile device, I tried pairing them up to my work laptop, and the latency was not super noticable at first, but it eventually got to the point that I had to unpair them. Where as on mobile, it's barely noticeable at all, or at least I haven't noticed any latency on mobile yet.
Don't pair these to your pc, and if you're going to, keep it to music, maybe for discord or zoom calls at the very most.

2. The buttons are a nice replacement for touch controls, as I'm sure we all know have caused more than their fair share of problems, but the amount of pressure I have to put on them is enough to press them into my ear to where it's almost painful, but definitely uncomfortable.
But at the same time, the buttons don't serve much of a purpose anyways, so they're there for if you have to use them, but you're probably never going to.

3. The case charges with micro USB, and not USB-C, which does mildly infuriate me, but something I can live with, a decent micro USB phone charging cable is all you really need, and for these, probably a worth while decision.

4. Probably don't pair these to multiple devices. I found this problem after trying them on my laptop. Once they've paired to more than one device, they start getting confused, and just don't respond to anything until you've re-paired them.

5. They bleed if they're too loud.
I already don't suggest listening to music at max volume through headphones, let alone earbuds, I mean some of us have tinnitus, last thing we need is to make it worse.
But if you're like listening to music on the bus loud enough, you're probably going to get a couple disgruntled looks as if you were THAT guy, you know who I'm talking about, the one listening to music through headphones that aren't on their head.
You know who you are.

In conclusion: Do I recommend these?

I mean for that steal of a price? These are just the biggest bang for your buck.
Forget about Ray's Cons, forget about the Airpods, forget about the SaMsMuG bEaNs, forget about looking through the more expensive wireless choices that only end in you returning them for your money back because you couldn't pay rent for the month.
These are way more than good enough, and you will (probably) absolutely love these.

I understand that your experience may not be the same as mine, as allot of the reviews are 1 star (or under if at all possible), and for all I know I just got lucky, but at this point I can't recommend these enough, worse case scenario, you roll the dice again, and send them back for a replacement, and hope you don't land on snake eyes.
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