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Reviewed in the United States on May 16, 2021
Amazing fo my health. Join a borax forum and watch the YouTube videos. This is one key element I have been missing. On day one I noticed huge changes. 1/8 teaspoon daily and it has rid me of nearly all my arthritis pain. I’ve noticed my daily tonsil stones have disappeared. I’m more flexible. Old injuries don’t hurt any more. Anxiety levels have decreased. My insomnia for the last 5 years is gone, I’m sleeping through the night.
I’m using it in my hair. All the calcium in my dishwasher vanished in one wash with about 1/2 cup in there. Now I just add a season to each wash.
Scrubbing burned pans just melts the stuff off like butter.
This has been a life saver and game changer. I have easily used 4 boxes for my self and thing round the house.
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